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Improving access to technology for our area residents has been identified as a goal for our Community.  Currently, most of our residents in our Township do not have access to quality, reliable high-speed internet. Residents fill their need for high-speed internet through many means including: dialup service or DSL from CenturyLink, satellite services.  (Only some have access to Broadband through SCI.)

These provider’s services and Internet speeds do not meet current federal standards for “Broadband” access, and thus limit their customers’ abilities to use services such as streaming video, Voice Over Internet Phone (“VOIP”), telecommuting, telemedicine, online education and more. As more public services and commercial software become available online in the future, we, the residents, risk being left behind if we do not have higher speed Internet access.

Grand Lake Township would like to create a Broadband Initiative group of people who live here and who are actively seeking ways to improve internet access for the residents, recreational visitors and businesses in our area. The first step is to measure the current level of interest in higher speed Internet access and how much people would potentially be willing to pay for higher internet speeds, and/or if most residents are currently receiving their desired internet access speeds at a reasonable cost. We would also like to identify people who are interested in this issue for the purpose of providing further information to them in the future. Please be assured that by completing this questionnaire you are not obligating yourself to purchase any services, either now or in the future. Your responses to this questionnaire will be analyzed in conjunction with those of everyone else and will remain confidential.

Please continue to complete the brief questionnaire link above. Just try to answer the questions to the best of your ability, whether you currently have Internet service or not. It will only take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.

If you would like a paper copy mailed to you please contact the Town Clerk at 218-464-2392 or grandlakeclerk@hotmail.com

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